What are the Best Chocolate Stores in Europe

What are the Best Chocolate Stores in Europe

In the European continent it is widely known for its awesome and delicious chocolate. In fact, many travelers chocoholics say that they had the opportunity to taste some amazing flavors during that last one. If you are making your way through Europe and chocolate compliments, we have good news for you! Save A Train takes a look at the European chocolate scene and has put together a list of the 10 best chocolate shops in Europe. Do you find yourself in one of these countries, and you get a taste for some amazing chocolate, take the time to visit one of these locations. You will not be disappointed.

1. The Best In Paris Chocolate Shop – Debauve lan Gallais

France is among the most highly rated countries of its kind. You are sure to see many chocolate shops as you make your way through the streets of the capital. In fact, you might be surprised by the number of Chocolate shops. To make sure you find the best Paris has to offer, we asked around for a must visit chocolate shop in Paris. Many say it’s been Debauve and Gallais . Fantastic store not only the oldest in town, but classic. It opened in the 1800s and has been made into delicious chocolate for today’s community. In fact, they were so big when they opened that they were chocolate suppliers for the French and Napoleonic Courts. Many great French leaders enjoyed their chocolate, and so did you.

2. Viziovirtù

When it comes to Italy, many Viziovirtù are a must-visit place for chocolate lovers. The popular shop is located in central Venice and is a chocoholics dream. Everything in the store is handmade, top-notch. They offer the perfect blend of incredible tastes and pleasant Venetian atmosphere. In fact, chocolatey philosophy is fascinating. Follow traditional methods and crafts all by hand. Harvest those with only the best ingredients, and you have a must-visit location in the heart of Venice.

3. Best Chocolate Shop Ing Amsterdam – Vanroselen

Dutch is usually not the first place that comes to mind when you think of chocolate. However, it’s still a great place to taste some of the best chocolate in the world. One of the most popular shops in Amsterdam. Vanroselen is a must-visit spot for anyone looking to try the world of chocolate. Everything in the store is handmade, combining chocolate with a variety of fruits and herbs to create a unique and mouth-watering treat.

4. Coklat House Nathalie Bonn

If you are traveling through Luxembourg, make sure to stop by this wonderful chocolate store that has become a worldwide name. However, the original is the Luxembourg House House located opposite the Ducal Palace Grand, and is home to some of the most chocolate-making in the world. Located next to Royalty, you can be sure they provide just the most. Enjoy a heavenly experience with some of the best flavors in the world.

5. Best Ing Chocolate Shop Vienna – Xocolat Manufacturing

If you’ve ever taken a stroll through the rich district of Hietzing in Vienna, pay a visit to Xocolat Manufacturing . In this fantastic store, you can find some of the best chocolates in Europe. Presented in glass cases for all to see, you can see some of the most refined varieties of chocolate in the country. You can go there to enjoy chocolate or to attend workshops and learn a little about the art of chocolate making.

6. Erich Hamann

If you are looking for a store rich in history and taste, then look no further than Erich Hamann in West Berlin. Two things make this store stand out. First of all, it’s an amazing history of saving yourself. It was 1928, and is home to a Bauhaus-style building that survived the second world war. well, it’s an honor that comes from tradition and great taste. They still have the original recipe from the store opening and love to focus on the dark chocolate. Instead, they even offer white chocolate and various other flavors. Chocolate is the talk of the city, so be sure to try it when visiting the store.

7. Toko Coklat Best Ing Attractions — Ing Chocolate Line

Belgium is among the best when it comes to the art of chocolate making. Walking through Belgium city, you will see a lot of delicious morsels on display. One of the best places to get a fantastic chocolate is In The Chocolate Line at Attractions. a must visit for anyone who enjoys a good piece of chocolate. There are a lot of traditional flavors and lots of fun and chocolate experiments to choose from. What makes Chocolate Line stand out is the chocolate-making process. They make chocolate straight from the beans and have the tools to chop and melt the chocolate. Next time you are at Attractions, take the time to enjoy the amazing flavors and exquisite experiences of the Chocolate Line.

8. Max Chocolatier

Switzerland is famous for its chocolate. In fact, we can refer to chocolate milk in Switzerland. Once you’re in the country, you’ll notice that chocolate is everywhere. Almost every place to go to a chocolate shop offers a bite to eat. If you want to find the best Switzerland has to offer, many agree that Max Chocolatier is the perfect place to visit . It’s a local favorite, and for good reason. They use quality ingredients and make some of the best chocolate in Switzerland. They also have a unique, four-season menu that offers seasonal chocolate flavors. In conclusion, you can experience a variety of tastes, depending on when you visit the store.

9. Best Ing Chocolate Shop Budapest – Rozsavolgyi chocolate

Hungary gem is hidden for chocoholics. They make a variety of amazing foods, and their chocolate is exceptional. A must visit to enjoy amazing chocolate is Rozsavolgyi chocolate in Budapest. Offers lots of sweet treats and, most importantly, amazing chocolate creations. brown are achieved fame internationally with chocolate bonbons are, and when you try them, it is clear why. the rich, aesthetically pleasing morsels of heaven. Stop if you are traveling to Budapest.

10. Sprungli

Last on the list of 10 Best Chocolate Stores In Europe Sprungli . If you are looking for a place that embodies the classic idea of ​​Swiss chocolate, look no further than Sprungli in Zurich. The store was opened in 1859 and has created an awesome, handcrafted chocolate creation today. If you want to find great chocolate made from the finest ingredients, visit Sprungli.


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