Top 10 Special Events In The Netherlands

Top 10 Special Events In The Netherlands

If you’ve just been to the Netherlands or are thinking of jumping on the train for a few days, you are probably wondering what the Top 10 Special Events In The Netherlands are. You will be pleased to know there is a lot to look forward to, no matter what time of year you visit.

As well as epic pop shows, there are unique special events in the Netherlands that you will not find anywhere else: celebrating links to the Dutch monarchy , windmills, and tulips. This event is all a fantastic way to enjoy yourself and get immersed in the Dutch way of doing it!

Events khusus Ing Landa 1: New Years Day Dive

This is one of those special occasions in the Netherlands not for the faint of heart! If you want to start the year off, take a chilly dive shot on New Year’s Day. The Dutch festival was started by a swimming club in 1960. There are 209 diving locations in the Netherlands you can take a dive into. Although, diving into the North Sea in the West, The Hague, is the most popular place with up to 60,000 people. recently, shivering swimmers were given a cup of erwtensoep, a meaty warm bean soup.

Special events Ing Landa 2: new year cino

Did you know that the Netherlands is one of the largest Chinese communities in Europe? We think it’s definitely worth a spot above our top 10 special events in the Netherlands ! They have a presence in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and The Hague, where there are several Chinese celebrations. in Amsterdam, head to Dam Square and Nieuwmarkt / follow the Hoge Zeedijk to see dragon parades, lion dances, and fireworks. You can also attend special activities at De Bijenkorf’s department store, including calligraphy training, music performances and tea drinking ceremonies, or at the Buddhist temple of Fo Guang Shan He Hua.

The day was also about food, and in Amsterdam, you could have a tasty meal at the street market, at the Sea Palace (Europes first floating restaurant) or at one of the many restaurants along Stormsteeg and Geldersekade. In The Hague, you will find Chinese exhibits in the town hall atrium and at the Chinatown Den Haags around Wagenstraat. You can find events in Rotterdam leading up to China, topped off by a day of festivities around Chinese wijkpark Old West and Westkruiskade Chinatown. If superstitious, on Chinese New Years Eve eat raw fish salad (yu sheng) to bring good luck or Fai hai, seaweed type, to prosperity. Gong Xi Fa Cai! (Happy New Year!)

Special Events In Netherlands 3: Keukenhof (March To May)

in Keukenhof is arguably the most famous Dutch park. See the wonder of millions of multi-colored blooming tulips in this beautiful Dutch garden from late March to mid. The Keukenhof, another kitchen garden , has been around since the 15th century and covers a whopping 32 acres. this day, Keukenhof welcomes 800,000 annual visitors.

One of the highlights of the 2018 theme was a gigantic mosaic of light bulbs, covering an area of ​​250m2 and consisting of 50,000 tulips, wine hyacinths, and crocuses. What will be the next edition of yellow get together?

4: Restaurant Week National

If Special Events in the Netherlands include free food, you can count me on it! at 50% off, it’s practically a steal! Visit the Netherlands is a festival for foodies , where you can dine at some of the top eateries in the Netherlands for crazy discounts.

Hundreds of restaurant agencies in many Dutch cities offer surprise three-course dinner menus for a special rate of 28.50 Euros. Michelin starred restaurants for an extra fee, and restaurants listed above 250 may require small additions. Whether it’s a foodie with a limited budget or just curious to try out a few different dining options without putting too much of a hole in the wallet, you’ll love Restaurant Week. special offers take place twice a year in the Netherlands.

To make it easier to book the table, the event organizers have created a list of 500 restaurant Agencies, each city, on the Restaurant Week website.

5: Kings Day (April 27)

One of the special events in the Netherlands, if not one of the most exciting and chaotic, is On Kings Day , w hich is King Willem Alexander’s birthday. the city of Netherlands hosts a host of street parties, markets, and activities, transforming the whole Netherlands into the biggest Festival of the year. Definitely can add this to one of the most special events in the Netherlands ! They head out to celebrate, play music, dress up in orange and have a good all round, if not chaotic, time. Kings Night is celebrated the night before Kings Day, with wildlife in the city center attracting many miles around.

Special Events In Netherlands 6: flowers

Have you ever witnessed a nine meter high url, covered in flowers and gliding through the streets, powered by but less members? Well, you will! flowers Zundert is the parade’s largest flower in the world made entirely by volunteers. Every year every village tries to build the most beautiful it has ever been built. Visit this very special Zundert event. Corso Zundert is all about seeing and, in, believing it!

Events khusus Ing Landa 7: Relief Leiden (Relief Of Leiden)

in 10 Most special events in the Netherlands should include tradition, of course. Event Leiden is one of them! And commemorates the Spanish siege and subsequent relief from the city in 1574. Leiden became one great Festival for two days in a row. Enjoy the party, they have fun, markets, concerts, parties, mergers, and cuisines.

Despite the third and most fun of the three, Leidens Ontzet is a celebration of many traditions with historical significance. The third of October begins with a reveille in the town hall. Free herring and white bread which was later given out to Leiden Waag . You can then enjoy music gathering at Van Der Werf park and service in Pieterskerk. In the afternoon the traditional eating carrots and onion stew called pancakes. The celebration ends with a grand firework show.

Special Events In Netherlands 8: sail Amsterdam

The traditional Sail starts with Arakan : hundreds of ships sail to the IJ and form a unique sight you will never forget. On this day, a few suits in the shower took part, including Skutsjesilen (sailing with a typical Frisian boat). The Royal Netherlands Navy will also showcase its skills on the water.

Next to all the water activities, there is also plenty to do in the wharves, which makes it so special. The sail boasts entertainment, art, culture, music, and sporting events and children.

Sail Amsterdam guarantees an impressive fleet and features high-end ships, craft sailing, modern ships, German Navy ships, and replicas.

Special events Ing Landa 9: Tenting Days

Special campings, affordable camping, and wild camping are possible in the Netherlands during Tenting Days (From Your Tent). The organization of Tenting Day cooperates with many partners. that is; The camping sites, the Nature Conservation Society of the Netherlands, as well as the Forestry Commission. Offer a chance to camp in the most interesting, cheap and wild location of Noordoostpolder. It’s also super fun for children and adults alike!

Special Events In Netherlands 10: Parkpop

Parkpop is one of the largest pop in the Netherlands, held every year on the last Sunday of June. What makes it so special, it’s completely free!

A regular event since 1981, this national pop festival has put The Hague on the map. Thanks to the free music festivals on a large scale. For many years, it was even a free pop music festival in all of Europe! You can expect over 350,000 people at the festival was amazing.


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