5 Most Weird Places in Europe

5 Most Weird Places in Europe

The continent of Europe is one of the rich history of history , fascinating stories, adventures, and sometimes mysteries. Each continent has its own set of mystifying locations. However, it seems that Europe has some of the most amazing and strange places in the world. Mystery has always been an appeal to adventurous travelers. Therefore, it comes as no surprise why making more adventurous trips is the goal of visiting this place. Save A-Train has put together a list of the five most bizarre places in Europe that are sure to surprise and impress even the most seasoned travelers.

1. The Weirdest Place in the Netherlands – Giethoorn

The first place we can recommend it is strange in the sense that it is quite unique. Located in the Netherlands and quite possibly one of the most interesting places you can visit. Giethoorn This village is like no other. Many consider it a perfect reflection of modern life. It has no roads and hardly any people who live in it. In fact, it’s kind of cut off from the rest of the Netherlands.

Spending time in Giethoorn will make you feel as though you have left the modern world and its troubles over. Time flies by, and you’ll feel completely happy. As far as the look and feel of Go village goes, in the first Chapter you will notice how small it is. You will also notice that there are very few paths to take. In fact, there will be other ways of canal and boat rides high up the track. His home in the village will give the old world a vibe.

2. Caves Ice Eisriesenwelt

If you ever find yourself in Austria, you need to visit one of the greatest natural wonders available. Eisriesenwelt is one of the largest ice caves in the world. In fact, when translated for English, it means the World of the Blind . Walking into a fantastic cave will make you feel as if you are on the plane of an outdoor movie. There are some horrible things about Eisriesenwelt.

Firstly, the sheer size of the ice cave itself will leave you in awe. Going through can take you about an hour and a half to complete. well, the interior of the cave will leave you chilly and overwhelmed. Many of the icons, ice sculptures, and ice walls are quite impressive and leave much to be missed for words. Some of these are massive ice formation that measures 20 meters! In the darkness of the cave, the light illuminated by Magnesium in the lamps will “come to life.” As light passes through the light and dances in the background, the sense of the mysteries of nature will surely strike you. In conclusion, anyone near Werfen, Austria needs to take the time to visit Eisriesenwelt.

3. The Weirdest Place To Visit In Italy – Capuchin catacombs Of Palermo

the Capuchin catacombs of Palermo can send the Sharks down the spine. For the thrill-seekers who love the feeling of terror and awe, catacombs are a great place to visit. catacombs are scrambling by morbidity and mystery to them everyday. All it takes is one look at yourself posing some big life questions.

The story behind Capuchin’s catacombs is quite fascinating. It is the final resting place for the remains of thousands of people from all walks of life. The majority of the catacombs are monkeys and time-rich. However, there are some common folk there too. The catacombs open at the monastery and adjacent church. Walking through the corridors of catacombs, you will see approximately 8000 mummified bodies. Some of these are quite old, even dating back to the 1600s. The body is embalmed and well preserved. Conclusion, as scary as the catacombs seem, again a popular tourist destination and is worth a visit for those who can take.

4. Chateau De Brissac

at the Chateau de Brissac in the south of Angers, a town on the Loire River valley. It is the tallest castle in all of France. This beautiful French castle was opened in the 15th century and has stood the test of time. Before its renovation by Duke Brissac, it was a medieval castle dating back to the 11th century. Instead, the Duke was reconstructed into a grand Renaissance style fort.

The Chateau de Brissac may seem like the ordinary Chateau at first. However, behind the everyday porch, there is a strange legend that drives many to visit it. Many of the Sacred stories are associated with the background and Chateau itself. Most popular is the legend of Lady Green. According to legend he was murdered in sometime in the 15th century. The Green Lady, or as she became popular, Lady Green, is said to be roaming the royal estate. Many say they see women in rich walks walking through the yard or standing in the tower. Residents now say they’ve grown accustomed to it, but many tourists are scared. Apart from seeing her, many say she could hear her moans throughout the palace in the early hours of the morning.

5. The Most Weird Places To Visit In Belgium – Dinant

Dinant is a small town that inspires a sense of mystery to visitors. A town in the province of Namur from Belgium. It’s the perfect place to go for if you are planning a weekend getaway from big city life. The combination of cities and the natural landscape is breathtaking. The mountains in the background of the city combined with the Meuse river flow through the city enough to enable anyone to kick back and unwind. It has captured the hearts of many visitors and will make you feel like another world.


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