5 Best Christmas Markets in Germany

5 Best Christmas Markets in Germany

Can you believe it’s almost that time of year again? It’s the most beautiful time of the year! Really get into the spirit with the Best Christmas Markets in Germany! From late November to Christmas Eve, the city squares all of Germany buzzing with Christmas markets. As one of the most noted traditions in Deutschland (Germany), big cities and small towns celebrate their arrival. So take a hot mug of gluhwein and prepare for a chestnut watch roasting on open fire in a possible hot spot not to miss this holiday.

1. Frankfurt Romerberg Lan St. Pauls Square Market Natal

This is what the Best Christmas Markets in Germany dreams are made of. Escape the bustle from Frankfurt to Old Town, which is a Christmas dreamland. Romerberg and St. Pauls square is made up of picturesque half-timbered houses. They are filled with wooden huts covered with lights, ornaments, and wreaths. Be sure not to miss the popular pealing of the bells , the Christmas Eve tradition of church bells from the Old Town ringing out in harmony throughout the district for a spectacular concert experience.

2. Monschau Market Natal

A small affair from Frankfurt, but just as magical! This small village is nestled in the mountains along the Belgian border. Monschau really lives Christmas time with the Best Christmas Markets in Germany.

In the city of Christmas decorations have proven so popular that residents have been open until the year round the House of Christmas. So, if you don’t like Christmas, then this is definitely not the place to live! A day trip from Cologne or Dusseldorf, go watch the city shine in twilight while nibbling on the Monschauer Dutchen spongecake and sipping wine mulled before heading back to town. With its cobblestone path, the snow above the house is half-timbered, and the winding of the stream is nothing short of idyllic.

3. Langkawi whether the Tauber Reiterlesmarkt

This is definitely one of Europe’s most beautiful medieval cities . It’s been so picturesque it looks more like a movie set. This is especially true at Christmas time and highlights hosting some of the Best Christmas Markets in Germany.

The gate silhouette and tower tower conveys the aura of the fairy tale. Entering through one of the old gates, you will immediately feel safe when the walls are magnified from this romantic place. Langkawi Charm has won over 1,000 years and continues to offer its Writings to international visitors.

Since the 15th century, the wonderful Christmas market has always been a feature of the festive Christmas season. The market can be traced back to 500 traditions a year, and since then it has wisely changed very little of its original history. Many cultural events held in conjunction with this market. The highlight of the market, however, is the look of Langkawi Riders , who also gave this market its name. The historical origin of the riderscomes to us from Dim and far past. Our ancestors believed that they were messengers from another world, who floated through the sky with the souls of those dead in the wintertime. But the picture of this mythical character has changed over the centuries. Whereas one used to tremble in fear before this eerie figure, today, young and old look forward to returning. The wild horse has become a friendly messenger.

4. Munich Marienplatz Market Natal

The Munich Christmas Market King and one of the Best Christmas Markets in Germany. This Christkindlmarkt can be found in Marienplatz, Munich’s main square, with coffee spilling out into the shopping street .

Being from the center of Munich Old Town, this is by far the most touristy and crowded market, but popular for a reason: stall after a traditional handmade craft barn, fun snacks to buy and support are all very romantic from Neues Rathaus. Be sure to duck into the Rathaus courtyard to view the Christkindl coffee shop and post office, where you can get a special Christkindl stamp for your postcards / letters.

PS: To see the extra magic, be sure to climb up the St. Peters Church Tower after a sunset!

5. The Nürnberg Christkindlesmarkt

The Nürnberg Christkindlesmarkt, or the Nürnberg Christmas Market, is Germany’s arguably the most famous Christmas market. The Christmas Market in Nuremberg’s Main Market Square may be traced back to the first document dated 1628, but Nurembergers believes it was originally more.

It remains an important tradition, and the majority of the shops selling it are regional ones. Even the wooden stalls themselves are made from regional sourcing!

You’ll find 180 huts of wood selling everything from the traditional Men’s prune decoration of the Nurembergers’ home in Christmastime to the original Nuremberger that can only be named if they are manufactured within the city limits and weigh 23 pounds.


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